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For the Alliance!

After two expansions of being Horde (after having always been Alliance until then) we've decided to transfer back to our roots. Since last Thursday when we re-killed Garrosh as Horde we transferred to Alliance yet again.

Sadly we had to leave three members behind being:

  • Ïron (Protection Paladin)
  • Sedana (Restoration Shaman)
  • Razerboy (Stoner eeeh.... Shadow Priest)

All three decided to quit after the current expansion, which meant it made no sense at all for them to transfer.

Those of us that are still around now look better than ever:

The people that quit, combined with Mythic raiding being released @ 6.0, means we're currently recruiting about as badly as we can, with the current focus on the following classes/roles:

  • Exceptional Tank: Ideally a Protection Paladin
  • Healers (around 3): Ideally atleast one resto shaman and holy paladin
  • Ranged DPS (around 3): A Moonkin druid, Elemental Shaman and a well geared Warlock

We invite anyone with the aspiration of raiding well in WoD to apply as soon as possibly since: First come = First serve. We will not be holding on to spots for people that 'say' they want to come back to raiding. This is effectively the best chance for people to prove their worth! Since we're recruiting mostly with WoD in mind, Gear & Experience are less important than while we're progressing so don't let your current gear stop you from applying!

As a side note, Horde you've been warned!

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Ravenne  13. February 14, 15:58
AW YIS! Alliance!
Tharden  14. February 14, 11:37
Serkheru  14. February 14, 16:49
What?! Dack is no male Night Elf?! You are a disgrace, man!
Sleepykitty  15. February 14, 23:20
... The only thing people care about is that I picked female ne? I wanted something pretty in my life to look at.
Serkheru  16. February 14, 22:17
We were like brothers! You, me, Moociloc, that other guy... The list goes on and on. You would throw all that away in order to look at 'something pretty'?!
Sleepykitty  17. February 14, 12:48
'Like brothers.. with a guy I don't remember' ............................ Sounds hollow to you? YOU WALKED OUT ON US
Sayoko  19. February 14, 01:34
One step closer to the light!

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