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Garrosh falls, recruitment opens!

After our last post we actually still had two bosses to kill. A few weeks later (thanks a lot New year's & X-Mas) we're finally done with this tier and ready to announce our plans for the next expansion!

Paragons of the Klaxxi

Was an interesting fight, pretty hectic and bursty when it came to damage taken. It's been nerfed since then (just like Blackfuse), which is somewhat sad as it did feel pretty heroic.

Garrosh Hellscream

Finally dead, all the bads.
Finally dead, all the bads.

Stupid fight, not very heroic, both Blackfuse and Paragons of the Klaxxi felt more heroic. The fight is pretty tightly tuned numbers wise and pretty okay to do except for the fact that it's long and due to the tuning a small mistake is generally a death.

Warlords of Draenor

In the coming months we will slowly be getting ready for the next expansion. In WoD we will be aiming at mythic (current heroic) raiding which means we're aiming for a 25-27 man roster to make sure we're able to do this at the same level. As an added bonus/difficulty we will be going Alliance as well! This means that as of yesterday we're looking for good players to start filling our roster.

To make things clear; WE WILL NOT STOP RAIDING UNTIL WoD (some people seemed to have got the impression we're done now).

Gear requirements aren't that high since everyone will get a reset @ WoD however past experience is obviously a very good bonus. If you however would like to instantly jump in and raid with us (since we're switching factions some slots are open here) those gear requirements do come into play.

See the following thread for more info;

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Raíjin  27. January 14, 15:08
Obligatory "#FIRST!!!!11247" comment
Raíjin  27. January 14, 15:10
Also on the Garrosh video, 11:00 for epic badness
Mierin  27. January 14, 15:54
Did you ever pee last night?!
Odeanathus  27. January 14, 16:34
Yes, after we talked I finally peed. Then I came back and told you that if you wanted to actually tank you should stop beeing DK horny and seriously consider Paladin :p
Babche  28. January 14, 08:51
Congrats Furious.
Long time no see but this is very good news.
Odeanathus  28. January 14, 08:55
Yasinai  28. January 14, 20:15
Took you long enough :p but Congrats
Tharden  28. January 14, 21:29
GZ everyone! Amazing finish for this expansion as well :D
Ïron  29. January 14, 02:13
"WE WILL NOT STOP RAIDING UNTIL WoD" That makes it sound like you'll stop at WoD :p

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