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It's always quiet before the storm..

So it's been a while since our last news post, which shouldn't make people think we're not out there doing our thing and downing them bosses.

We've gotten 9 out of the 14 bosses down on heroic since last night and I thought I'd make a news post with our kills.

Sadly we always forget to take screenshots of our kills :(

Luckily nearly everyone streams and/or records these days so here you go!


Pretty easy boss, so died kinda quickly.

Fallen Protectors

Not many changes from normal so also not that hard.


Got "fixed" after one reset so literally NOTHING changes from normal, except for higher numbers.

Sha of Pride

Bit harder than the first three, but overall not that bad.


We made this fight harder than necessary (as you can see on the video) by not letting the NPC's help us in phase 2... genius!

Iron Juggernaut

Stupid fight, not very hard but a lot of raid damage and some of it is spiky so random deaths happen.

Kor'kron Dark Shaman

Three tanks make this fight easy, so naturally we three tank it.

General Nazgrim

Arguably easiest fight on heroic, just gains an ability on the tanks and an add.


By far the hardest fight and the first fight that actually changes in a way that it becomes super unforgiving & truly "heroic". Then again that might be because some of our raiders were being bad :p P.S. FRIDAY!

Ow just to prove that sometimes raiding makes you cry:

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Idle  18. October 13, 21:19
Nice to hear the voices of Odea and Ravenne :D
Odeanathus  19. October 13, 09:23
heeey, Idle, what have you been up to? :)
Idle  19. October 13, 11:03
Hello! I've been grinding the Real Life MMORPG. Been racking up experience, reputation points and gold ;)

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