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Casually Furious... 2!

After claiming the throne in BYM (Backyard Monsters), we are going casual once again.

War of Mercenaries (WOM) is a BYM clone created by the Turkish game company, Peak Games. After Kixeye managed to drive away a large portion of its gaming population, Peak Games stepped in and created a clone with spiced up graphics, but almost identical gameplay.

The idea of BYM and WOM is surprisingly simple: Build an army to steal resources from your opponent while using the loot to improve your defences. The strong focus on Player Versus Player adds a tactical twist to the simple concept, that makes it addictive but at the same time enjoyable for players with limited time on their hands.

As of now Furious claims #345 in the rankings, and our alliance counts 22 members. Needless to say, we're aiming for the top spot.

Stay tuned for news :)
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Shannen Weaver  17. December 13, 12:57
we humbly submit the ranking of #77 for our main group at 50 members, and FURIOUS II is almost halfway full and climbing the ranks really really fast :D is there a prize for us? a 800 pixel by 100 pixel signature banner for peak's forums perhaps? :D or is there already one that size in existence?

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